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The Story Of Cirrus Flux (2010)

by Matthew Skelton(Favorite Author)
3.33 of 5 Votes: 4
0141320370 (ISBN13: 9780141320373)
Puffin Books
review 1: After Endymion Spring, this book was just a let down.It has such a wonderful premise, I have no idea why he would just let half the story just hang. The end was anti- climatic and I don't really think Cirrus got the amount of time he deserved. He was thrown into the middle of the action, he spent some time there, got out, without really contributing to what was happening. Maybe it is a little misleading that the book is called "The Story of Cirrus Flux". That leads to the presumption that he is the protagonist, which he really does not feel like.But maybe I am just being prejudiced because of how amazing Endymion Spring was. He has done some serious amount of research on Victorian England for the sake of the novel and that is something I applaud.
review 2: Quic
... morek read, but lots of fun and adventure. I wanted the story to last longer and would like to read more about these characters, who really developed their personalities throughout the book.I was a little confused through the first 3rd of the book about who the characters were in relation to each other. It is explained later, but I wanted more. There was a lot of excitement, a little bit of mystery, science, and illusion. I will definitely look for more books by this author. less
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Great historical setting and lots of great characters. Pacing is off.
It wasn't all that good. It was a really quick read so I finished it.
Terrible. Very disappointed after the wonderful Endymion Spring
The Steampunk aesthetic of the story was very entertaining.
boring, interesting concept poorly developed 1
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