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V Podsvětí (2014)

by Meagan Spooner(Favorite Author)
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review 1: This book was a wonderful addition to the Skylark trilogy. Most second books disappoint me. I end up feeling that the majority of the book is simply filler. And maybe the difference with this one was that the first one didn't spend a bunch of time trying to change Lark from a weak character to a strong character. That was left to this book. This is the way a second book should be handled. The character should grow and learn and become confident in who they are and what they can do. Lark's discovery of herself was well-written because she had to learn to overcome her revulsion of herself. I also liked the parallel that was drawn between Lark and Oren. At the end of the first book, Lark despised what Oren was, which left me feeling confused. After all, I thought he was the l... moreove interest so I was disappointed that she drove him off at the end. Her discoveries about herself and Oren during the second journey were very touching and I cannot wait to follow them on the final leg of their journey.
review 2: There is something endearing about Lark. I really like her story and it keeps me interested but I struggle with the moment when I see the path she logically needs to take and for some reason she just doesn't see it. It's not like she purposefully chooses another option or avoids it's completely it's more like she takes a little roundabout before she gets on it with just to make sure it's really going to go down like that. Also it took me a little while to remember who didn't make it out alive from book one - this time around I see that not all of the deaths are, hmm, similarly weighted, but I still couldn't care for them much because the story moves on with or without them all the same. This time around we have a better understanding of Lark and her ability's and yet she still chooses to let some opportunities pass when really she could've saved herself a lot of heartache were she just a little bit more proactive on the uptake. It is an enjoyable ride but frankly a little bothersome that some characters can become so anonymous given the amount of time you get to spend with them. Lastly, what on earth happens to all the folks above the grounds of Lethe? (See!?) less
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Great story. Full of twist and turns. Can't wait to see what happens next!
I absolutely love this series. Lark is one of the best heroines ever!!
Basil. rawr.
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