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Ho Sposato Un Miliardario (2013)

by Melanie Marchande(Favorite Author)
3.38 of 5 Votes: 5
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I Married a Billionaire
review 1: Getting rather annoyed with the whole billionaire thing.Why does the guy have to be a billionaire why not just a millionaire it would be alot more believable. A guy doesn't have to have a heap of money for a woman to be attracted to them. I found that they went into too much unesasrry detail in this book and that the characters didn't have any substance and the whole dom thing came out of nowhere and wasn't really explained.
review 2: This book was okay. No real highs or lows, which, on the one hand, is a nice break from all the drama fueled Billionaire stories out there. I liked that Daniel was a regular guy (in this book anyway) and not in serious need of a slap or therapy. I also liked that the awkwardness in the beginning seemed genuine. I didnʻt get t
... morehat after all the discussing they did for every other part of their contract, that they didnʻt really cover the proposal. Perhaps that was to make the shock genuine, who knows. Iʻm not sure I want to read book number two. less
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Eso de los matrimonios arreglados parece ser un negocio rentable.
I think it ended abruptly...
eh, lame
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