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I Married A Master (I Married A Billionaire) (2000)

by Melanie Marchande(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: Parts of this book grabbed me, holding my attention and keeping my interest, while other parts were both confusing and annoying. The writing was strong, and the characters fairly well developed, but there was just too much push/pull of the, "no I won't/I can't control myself" variety. It went on for a bit too long for both Benjamin and Jenna, then switched off so suddenly I wasn't quite sure what had changed their minds.Despite that, the story was engaging and had a satisfying conclusion.
review 2: Wowzer..I randomly picked this book from an Amazon recommendation..and couldn't put it down!Jenna, an aspiring but out-of-work actress, literally runs into Ben Chase at a convenience store. He's not nice about it, but neither is she. They go their separate ways. Ho
... morewever, when Jenna gets a part-time nanny job with her college friend Maddy, she's horrified when she discovers that Maddy's husband Daniel is a good friend of the Convenience Store Jerk. But Ben is desperately seeking someone to marry, and for some reason he finds Jenna appealing. He makes his proposition expecting to get a rejection, but despite herself Jenna's intrigued by Ben and agrees. The author does a stellar job of building up the sexual tension between them, and when they eventually have sex, it's a scorcher!Jenna's a very likeable heroine -- she's caring and thoughtful, but not a pushover. And her reaction to finding a kinky website bookmarked on Ben's computer seems totally genuine -- disturbed, but fascinated, "How could I possibly have all of these parts of myself, locked away, somewhere, for years and years without knowing?" One of the things I loved about this book was that Jenna verbalizes many of the questions and perceptions about BDSM and its related kinds of kink - domestic discipline, TPE, dominance/submission: "How could anyone live like this all the time? I didn't like the idea of roles. What if I didn't want a role? What if I just wanted to be a human being?" Ben's a typical erotica hero -- he's rather distant and reserved, and we know about Ben's disastrous marriage and divorce agreement. But what made him such a great character were his insights into what it meant to be a Dom: "Finally I realized that if I respected her, if I really respected her, I'd trust her to know what she wanted. I was treating her like she was fragile. Like I knew better. She was asking me to live out that fantasy..."Yes..there are some contrived and rather ridiculous aspects of the story -- primarily Ben's divorce settlement with his ex-wife. Who would sign anything like that? Absolutely nobody! And then there's the ex-wife's encounter with Jenna -- I'm not sure what that added to the story. But overall it's an extremely enjoyable and steamy trip down Kinky Lane, so 4 stars! less
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Predictable rich boy poor girl but I still loved it. Ben made my toes curl and he made me laugh.
2.5 couldn't get past Jenna ahe seriously altered this story for me.
Ok read. Expected more. Interesting revelation in the end.
Just loved it... Wonderful and surprising ending ❤️
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