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My Last - Riley & Chelle (2013)

by Melanie Shawn(Favorite Author)
4.19 of 5 Votes: 3
Red Hot Reads Publishing
review 1: I called it a weekend reading marathon... yeah, I think I got addicted by Crossroad series because once I finished My First, I continued reading My Last, and just yesterday morning I finished My Last, I continued with My Only, last night I finished with Only, without waiting even a minute I continued reading My Everything... Shoot me if I do the crime but I don't care, I just like this kind of story...After Jason and Katie in My First, here we go with story of Riley and Chelle. Well, it is a kind of story that always reminds you of the old time. Do you have brother or you have friend who has a brother? Yeah there was the time when you have a big crush to your big brother's best friend, or your friend's big brother or the variation. And this story is similar to that kind of... more feeling, Eddie Thomas, Chelle's big brother has a partner in crime slash a best friend named Riley Sloan since he was kid and back to that time, Chelle has a big crush on him. Though Riley knew that but he preferred to keep it for himself, since she was his best friend's little sister, for him Chelle was off limit because he thought that no matter what, Chelle deserved better than him.The story is once again, similar to Katie and Jason, while Katie kept denying her true feeling toward Jason, Jason kept trying to put sense on Katie's head to accept him, Riley and Chelle, both were trying to deny their feeling for each other but in the end, love always find a way.Yay, that's what I call a very nice weekend reading experience. e
review 2: 3.5 Stars. This was an improvement on the first book. I liked both Riley and Chelle. However, I did not like the reason that Riley held himself back nor how quickly he gets over it once his Dad talks to him. It either needed to be a better reason, or he needed to take more time to get over it...like, thinking it over for weeks on end until he comes to his own realization how stupid it is. But, honestly, I think it might have been more believable and a better issue if it had been about, say, him being fearful he might hurt Chelle in his sleep while having nightmares or if he had ever shown any symptoms of being like his mom or having PTSD from his time in the Marines. The reason he gives just seems like something he should have realized was ridiculous in his 12 years in the military, or just after having grown up and looked at things from an adult perspective. less
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The Sloan brothers are sizzling hot!! LOL
Quick, easy and predictable read.
Love this series!!
Review to come
Loved it!
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