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Froi Of The Exiles (2011)

by Melina Marchetta(Favorite Author)
4.36 of 5 Votes: 2
0670076082 (ISBN13: 9780670076086)
Viking Australia
Lumatere Chronicles
review 1: I found myself wrapped up in this series and thoroughly enjoying the story, but I gave it 3 stars for the some violence. I have a hard time reading about rape and while some of the direct references were not explicit the story is about a kingdom under a curse where women are barren and men are sterile with hope of a certain group being the curse-breakers. So a large group of the population becomes obsessed with "bedding" certain eligible curse-breakers which, of course, makes for a sick and gruesome world the people live in. Like I said, the direct references are not explicit, but I found myself skimming past it. Once it got past that part I couldn't put the story down and was anxious to read the next book.
review 2: I started to feel like if I ever saw this bo
... moreok made into a movie I would find it incredibly dramatic. On the other hand, death and war and curses are real, right? So it's perfectly reasonable to write about such things. Okay maybe not curses. But maybe so? It was darker than the first and it had quite a bit less resolution at the end. If the library doesn't get me the third installment soon I'm going to be wondering about some people's feigned deaths for longer than is comfortable. less
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I enjoyed this book and I'm ready to read the next in the series.
It was one of the best books I've ever read
Good sequel although somewhat long
6 million stars.
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