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Finnikin Of The Rock (2008)

by Melina Marchetta(Favorite Author)
4.02 of 5 Votes: 5
0670072818 (ISBN13: 9780670072811)
Viking Australia
Lumatere Chronicles
review 1: Fantastic read! The writing was truly amazing. I enjoyed very much reading the series and also this first book. The world the author takes us through is completely fascinating and so realistic that it took my breath away. As much as the world building was real, so were the characters. Being an hard core fan of fantasy , I loved this book in spite of the minimalistic influence of fantasy in it. Even though the period is not mentioned, in my head it was the medieval period. This book is about the Kingdom of Lumatere. Inexplicably (without giving any spoilers) this was an very emotional and an action filled book. I personally, couldn't have asked for anything more. If you are one for strong female leads then you most definitely shouldn't miss this one. Again, I have to reiter... moreate the author's writing style which had me captivated and hooked up until the very end of the series. I have become a fan of the writing. Hats off to Ms.Marchetta and thank you for this wonderful series.
review 2: Finnikin of The Rock, though skeptical to read at first, was by far one of the best books I have ever read. An insane plot and a plethora of characters provided a whole new world for my enjoyment. The characters, though many, were all very dynamic throughout the novel. Following Finnikin of the Rock Village, the history and backstory of his homeland of Lumatere is slowly revealed through the whole book. Vivid imagery of this land provide the reader with a great picture in there head and a movie as they fly through the pages. Great plot, numerous twists, dynamic characters, and a rich new world put this book on top of the "Must Read List".10 outta 10, would read again less
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On Ch. 7 & I can't get into it. I'm so disappointed!!! This is supposed to be such a good book!
I am so.. underwhelmed by this book.
repiu menyusul :o
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