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Double Dare (2013)

by Melissa Blue(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 3
Confessions of a Romance Author
A Modern Fairy Tale
review 1: Emmeline Sharp a dare devil who would do anything to help her friends out, takes a double dare and streaks down the street to cheer up her friend who has just been dumped by a text message. As she runs down the street she believes she's in the clear, but low and behold her comes the cops. She looks for shelter and runs into a dark handsome stranger,Tobias Merchant, he her covers her quickly with his coffee scented leather coat and kisses her into delirium. Tobias only wants to run his business no relationships,he's still recovering from losing his fiance, but that woman he kissed that night will not leave his head. His brother Joshua just got a job across the street and his description of his new boss golden eyes is the one distinctive thing he remembers about the girl h... moree kissed the night in the street and she's the owner of the business he is supposed to partner with. He hurries across to street to see if it's her and when he finds that it is his mind starts picturing all the things he's liked to do her with the cherry filling she's pouring over that crossiant. It's so intense he retreats from the store and runs back to Caff-aholic for safety. Hold on to your seats boys and girls this one is a keeper, I loved they storyline and the way Melissa Blue developed all of her characters. If you like a good romance this one is one to read!
review 2: This is the first in a trilogy about three best friends. Emma or Emmaline is the quiet one which makes it ironic that she is streaking naked down the street at night when she runs into Tobias. Tobias is there because he's opening up a coffee place across the road from Emma's bakery. What they don't realise at the time is that they have a meeting the next day to talk business.After that rocky start to the business relationship, it's not surprising that they are cautious about a personal relationship. Especially when we find out the baggage both are carrying. They each have different ways of dealing with the tragedies of the part and in some ways this could both make or break the relationship.I enjoyed the way the relationship grew. It wasn't just about the physical attraction despite the first meeting. The growth of the friendship and romance was believable and the supporting cast well drawn. You do see a lot of the two female friends who will feature in their own stories down the track. A nice easy read and satisfying ending. less
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I like very much the point that every one has the capability to overcome pain and guilt.
Took a minute to get into, but actually turned out to be pretty good.
This book was good. It kept my interest. This love story was great.
Really good book!!!!
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