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Down With Cupid (2013)

by Melissa Blue(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 5
Confessions of a Romance Author
Down With Cupid Shorts
review 1: I was surprised to find out that there was another short that continued on with Nicole and Sebastian. I was really happy to find this out. I thought it would be over after the way the first one ended. The ending was surprising so I was excited to read more about these 2 characters and their story. In this short story Melissa Blue gives us more depth to each character. We are given just enough background on Nicole and Sebastian to make them even more interesting and help understand who they are and why they do the things they do.Their relationship evolved in this short story. The story flowed without rush. All in all I thoroughly enjoyed reading more of their story. I loved seeing how their relationship evolved. Melissa did a great job showing the passion and emotion in eac... moreh character. It was a great read.
review 2: This was a great way to end with Sebastian, and Nicole. I absolutely LOVED the Darling Nikki references throughout the book. I LOL'ed the first time he made a reference to the song, and it made me laugh every time he did it later. (I love that song) I also loved how Sebastian came through at the end, and his scene with Anna made me so happy. The way Anna treats Nicole ticked me off the entire series, and it was great to see her put in her place. less
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Fun, with yummy sexy sections laced with a decent story and characters.
It's okay. It's missing something.
Wish it was longer!
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