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Blue Ridge Reunion (2014)

by Mia Ross(Favorite Author)
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0373817835 (ISBN13: 9780373817832)
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review 1: I received this book in a Goodreads Giveaway. This was an enjoyable book. The characters were fleshed out and believable - and that's including the secondary characters. The family dynamics were touching and sweet. At times though I felt like the author told when she should have shown. It was pretty predicable, but I would recommend this to someone who likes romance, values faith, and is looking for a sweet fluffy read.
review 2: “Blue Ridge Reunion” by Mia Ross is the first book of her “Barrett's Mill” series and I am already looking forward to the rest of the series.This is a story of growing up, not in the sense that this is Young Adult and those growing up pangs that all teenagers go through, but more of how people grow up from when they were in Hig
... moreh School. Cheerleaders, Jocks, Bookworms and everyone in between grow up in different ways and this shows just how people do grow up. That message was so unique that I still smile when I think about it. Though there are a lot of noticeable changes that happens to people from High School years, sometimes it takes some unique circumstances to help people grow into who they were meant to be as well.Chelsea and Paul are rivals from High School and now they are forced to work with each other for the entire summer. Things are really interesting with their first meeting for there is some new discoveries, both good and bad, made on both ends and things don't get all that much easier as the story progresses. The only thing that does change, is how they work with each other which is interesting to watch change.Chelsea is a woman who is determined to do what is expected of her by her father. Though she is not sure exactly how she can make him happy with what he is wanting, she is willing to do it against her judgment because there is something more important that is on the line. To watch this uptight woman change into something else throughout the story was interesting and so believable for it was not an overnight change, but a slow and steady change.Paul is a man who seems to have a wandering foot and is back for a very special reason. It seems that Paul has always led a pretty carefree life but we see something different even from the beginning of the story. Paul is a man who might know how live in the moment there is something so much more to him. Paul is the type of man that would make for a wonderful friend and more for the right person, like Chelsea.To watch how both Paul and Chelsea somehow manage to work together in order to restore something so important to someone who is important to one of the characters, not to mention the whole town, was a wonderful thing. Yes there was tension between Paul and Chelsea but it was a different type of tension and when that tension started shift some what there was something special about it. It was a slow progression and I think that is what helped for there is no way it could have happened faster and it still being realistic.I hope all who read this book enjoys it as much as I did. less
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A little repetitive, not strong in terms of faith content but still an enjoyable read
received 4 stars @ RT Book ReviewsMiniseries: Barrett's Mill
i got this book for free. i read it and liked it thank you.
I Loved Loved this book!
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