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Galore (2009)

by Michael Crummey(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 5
0385663145 (ISBN13: 9780385663144)
Doubleday Canada
review 1: Actually 3.5, but this writer should be better known in this country. His novel of Newfoundland is divided into 2 distinct parts. The first is an upclose portrait of a desolate community on the Atlantic shore. Wonderful characters with complex connections. Part two takes a much wider focus, giving a sort of Cliff Notes history of the province, esp the rise of a trade union for the fishermen. He speeds through decades so you forget who's related to whom, and why they are all angry/in love/aligned with each other. Still def worth reading because of great writing, imaginative plot and well developed characters.
review 2: Absolutely enchanting. The tale of family history woven together and stretched over two centuries gives a detailed insight of the characters liv
... morees at that time, their greatest passions and darkest secrets. Every character felt very human, and it was interesting to see the world in which they lived change with each new generation; from a world governed only by a land merchant, superstition, and myth, to standardization within a union, organized religion, and the fear of the first world war. less
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Probably one of my favourite books, and it got me started on my obsession with Newfoundland
One of my very favourite books of all time. Complex, engaging and beautifully written.
Loved it! Couldn't put it down. I'm a NLer though, that might have influenced it.
This dreary story seriously kicked in my existential angst.
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