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The Rose And The Thorn (2013)

by Michael J. Sullivan(Favorite Author)
4.38 of 5 Votes: 5
0356502287 (ISBN13: 9780356502281)
The Riyria Chronicles
review 1: I didn't find all of the writing as good as Riyria Chronicles #1, but I did find the story equally as gripping. Writing is important because it determines whether you'll stay within the story or get pulled out because something made you cringe- sounded corny, didn't mesh with the story line, etc. I cringed a few times. But doesn't that speak volumes of the story that I cringed and I still gave it 5 stars?
review 2: I liked this book a lot more than I did the first one. I discovered that although these first two books happened first chronologically, they weren't the first books published by the author. I'm starting to realize why the first book didn't sit very well with me: we were already supposed to know and love the characters, and these books were meant to
... morebe a peek into the early lives of the two partners. They weren't phenomenal stand-alone books, but in the greater context of the series, I can see how they would be enjoyed.I would definitely recommend reading the books in the order of publication, not chronological order. less
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Good book! A lot darker than the previous books but weaves the whole conspiracy through well.
Wish it wasn't so short! Plus I feel like there might be some plot holes... Not sure though.
I'm glad I finished the Riyria series but didn't enjoy this one as much as the others.
I can't wait for more of these!
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