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Being Geek: The Software Developer's Career Handbook (2010)

by Michael Lopp(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 3
0596155409 (ISBN13: 9780596155407)
O'Reilly Media
review 1: This reads more like a collection of his blogs (randsinrepose.com) that a book written as a book -- and perhaps it is? It's a fun read, and has some fairly good career advice for a software developer, especially if you're young and looking to maximize your earning. His section on preparing for and doing job interviews and negotiations has some good tips.I didn't end up writing anything down, and there were no "cool! I have to remember this!" moments. On the other hand, I did think about my own job and it helped me to see some aspects in a different light, although I might have done that no matter what he had to say.
review 2: Michael Lopp is the person behind the blog 'Rands in Repose', which explains the blog-like feel of this book. It may be presented as if i
... moret's a coherent guide to a career in the software industry. But it's clearly just an edited collection of articles on topics related to career, career management, and a management career. This is not really a weakness, but it's not always a strength, either. The book sometimes lacks flow.A bigger weakness is that few of the articles really lead to any conclusion. Most will get you thinking about your own career or situation. This is good. Some also make solid suggestions for how be successful. This is better. But not all do. And even those that do are most relevent within the specific context of California's Silicon Valley during the first decade or so of the 21st century. In an industry that's always changing, career management is just as volatile.The strength of the book comes in the voice of the author, Michael Lopp or Rands. He strikes a friendly, beleaguered tone that helps the reader identify with the situations and with the nuggets of advice being offered. Even though the advice is often more implied than spoonfed, I think most software developers will find something in here to help them in their working life, whether they are an individual contributor or a manager (or on their way to being a manager). Just read with a your own good judgement intact and use the articles as jumping off points for personal reflection. less
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Great book either if you are a geek (or you are not sure of it) or if you have to live with one.
I loved this book. It really is a great career book for another in the web development field.
Don't bother with this one. Offensive language throughout with nothing novel to offer.
Excellent for Software Developers and especially those who manage Software Developers
If it wasn't for the incessant swearing, I might give this book 4 stars.
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