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Shield And Crocus (2014)

by Michael R. Underwood(Favorite Author)
3.38 of 5 Votes: 1
1477823905 (ISBN13: 9781477823903)
review 1: This book took a bit of digestion before I could decide if I really liked it or not. The world building and the depth of creativity that went into it is just amazing. I really like the way the author describes it. That's where my love for this book faltered. The characters were not what you normally find in a fantasy setting, which can be just fine. But when I start thinking this is familiar in a superhero comic sort of way, I have trouble enjoying it as much. This is by no fault of the author as the writing is very well done. I will admit I am not a fan of graphic novels. I would imagine this book to be what the creators of those novels would use to describe in words what the readers should see on the pages. That said, if you prefer your fantasy with plenty of long detai... moreled battles/fights then you'll likely enjoy this more than I have. I received an evaluation copy in exchange for my honest opinion.
review 2: Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! I am not exaggerating when I say that this book was 80% magnificently-written, highly-detailed fight scenes. I might even be underestimating the number of pages dedicated to fights. I would give this book a much lower rating except that the writing was very good, and the world was very creative and unusual. It was just very light on plot and character development. Even the backstory was mostly a recounting of fights from years ago. More crocus and less shield, please. I won't be reading the sequel. less
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Like an epic fantasy version of the Watchmen. Very unique, plenty of explosions, and loads of fun.
liked the concept but felt that it didn't quite hold together.
On hold for now. Will return to at a later date.
good story. just took me a bit to get into.
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