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Patterns Of Force (2009)

by Michael Reaves(Favorite Author)
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0345477588 (ISBN13: 9780345477583)
Star Wars: Coruscant Nights
review 1: Ambivalent about this book in general. It didn't arouse great enjoyment. Neither did it arouse distaste. I found I didn't like the depiction of Vader. His speech patterns didn't seem quite right. Also, the depiction of the Force in this entire series didn't ring true. It seemed like it was trying to make it make sense, or make it new, and it just didn't work for me. Sometimes you've got to let the mystical elements of your story be mystical and not try and explain them.
review 2: Among the many talented authors within the Star Wars Expanded Universe, Michael Reaves is quickly shaping up to be my favorite. His third novel in the Coruscant Nights series (it was, up until recently with the publication of his fourth book "The Last Jedi", a trilogy), "Patterns of
... moreForce" marks a joyous return of Jax Pavan, one of the few (he fears the only) surviving Jedi Knights of the Purge who "moonlights" as a private detective/gun for hire on the dark streets of Coruscant, now overrun with Imperial troops.What I have enjoyed about the adventures of Pavan is that they are independent of, but still distantly related to, the storylines of the original six George Lucas films. The events of the Coruscant Nights series takes place several years after the events of "Episode III: Revenge of the Sith" and many years prior to "Episode IV: A New Hope". It delves deeper into the aftermath of the Purge (the hunting down and assassination of all Jedi Knights by order of Emperor Palpatine) and hints at the embryonic formation of the Rebel Alliance. It also manages to be its own exciting series, with well-developed characters and events peripheral to the original Star Wars mythos.In this book, Jax and his partners (a ragtag bunch including a Force-sensitive droid named I-5YQ, a former journalist named Den Dhur, a female warrior Twi'lek named Laranth Tarak, and a former assistant to Darth Vader named Haninum Tyk Rhinann) stumble upon a young boy named Kajin Savaros, who is the most Force-sensitive human Pavan has ever met. The Force runs so strong within Kaj that the boy can't control his own abilities. Pavan learns that Lord Vader himself wants the boy, and the Sith Lord has sent a team of his best assassins, called Inquisitors, to find him, alive. Vader also wants Pavan alive, although Pavan can't figure out why. He thinks it may have something to do with something his friend, Anakin Skywalker, once told him years ago, before Skywalker was supposedly killed during the Purge... less
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By the time I was on the 3rd on of the trilogy, I just wanted to finish reading and be done with it.
Well, I think it's a fantabulous book, but then I helped write it.
Cmon...They clowned Vader... Garbage
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