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Jane Beißt Zurück (2010)

by Michael Thomas Ford(Favorite Author)
3.45 of 5 Votes: 1
3453525892 (ISBN13: 9783453525894)
Jane Fairfax
review 1: Not your typical vampire story as you might think. Jane Fairfax, bookstore owner and author of now a bestselling book, is not only the author of the book she just got published but also the author of Pride and Prejudice and many others. She is Jane Austen. There are many twists and turns throughout the novel, but its not all about vampires and love. Its about a woman who is trying to make it in another time period. Think of it more as a better written Twilight with less of a romance and more of an actual life. Jane Bites Back has instances where she kind of tells about in a round about way of similarities and differences between now and the 18th century.
review 2: Zu beginn des Buches dachte ich wirklich erst es wird wieder eine null acht fünfzehn Schnulze, di
... moree nur durch ihre Charaktere den Leser begeistern sollte. Durch einige Wendungen im späteren Leseverlauf habe ich meine Meinung jedoch geändert. Troßdem muss ich wegen des Anfangs einen Stern abziehen.Verwundert hat mich, dass das Ende so gehalten war, dass man einen zweiten Teil dransetzen könnte. Ich frage mich nun gibt es einen? less
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Pokes fun at itself and the genre, if it is a genre at all. Very witty and entertaining!
Read in a matter of hours, the LOL moments made this a real page turner.
An strange idea, but fun to see Jane Austen in this setting.
Silly. Perfectly fine airplane book.
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