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Prisoners In The Palace (2010)

by Michaela MacColl(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 5
0811873005 (ISBN13: 9780811873000)
Chronicle Books
review 1: I loved this book.I had no idea what happened to Annie. I was surprised when she killed herself. I really don't blame her, she had nothing left and it was all finished when her baby died. I couldn't say I was surprised at Simon's betrayal, he seems like the type who isn't very loyal. Will, he seems really desperate to marry Liza though. I know she likes him, but she should at least let him help her out a little. I loved Victoria, she has that attitude that I admire. Doesn't give in to her enemy. Sir John, he's terrible, I can't believe that he would do what he did to Annie, she lost everything because of him.
review 2: The second half of the book is better than the first. The heroine is not what I'm accustomed to, with all her scheming ways and trying to be fri
... moreends with those best for her well-being. The Princess was annoying but at last come to her senses. I am not familiar with the tales of the real Queen Victoria therefore cannot do the book justice as to whether it is good or not. It was just another fiction to me. less
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I love this book! I love historical fiction and YA, ad this was in between!
Great YA book. Very interesting take on Victorian England.
Uhmazing and epic and romantic
A quick and interesting read!
Loved it!!!
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