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Cast In Peril (2012)

by Michelle Sagara(Favorite Author)
4.24 of 5 Votes: 3
0373803508 (ISBN13: 9780373803507)
Harlequin Luna
Chronicles of Elantra
review 1: Another solid novel in what is overall an incredible series. You cannot help but love Kaylin and the whole cast of characters. Especially with the new addition of her familiar, a little translucent dragon. He sounds so adorable and cuddly I'm seriously considering getting one of my own :). Once again Michelle Sagara goes above and beyond with her ability to manipulate words into something so much larger then even the novel itself. Expressing things that are essentially pieces of philosophy while having the heroine fighting a battle is an incredible fete on her part. I have to say though I am STILL wondering if Kaylin is ever going to accept Severn as a possible lover/boyfriend. He is hands down one of my favorite characters in this series and all I keep hoping is th... moreat one day she will give him a chance. I am very excited to get started on the next book in this wonderful series.
review 2: I typically love this series, however I think this is my least favorite book. Mainly it seemed as though she rushed through all the details during the most important part where they are finding out what is the cause of the missing people and definitely for the solution bit. I feel like she must have been rushed. I was really disappointed. Plus it leaves u hanging for the recitation (for which the author has built up as u read) unlike the rest of the series. Plus, barely put in anything regarding the two potential love interests. Grrrr. less
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a seduction goes horribly awry
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