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Surrender To An Irish Warrior (2010)

by Michelle Willingham(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 4
037329610X (ISBN13: 9780373296101)
MacEgan Brothers
review 1: michelle'in macegan serisinin son kitabı, ailenin macegan olmayan üyesidiğer kitaplarına göre daha duygusal geldi bana. Her iki kahramanının da duygusal olarak yaralı tipler olması, acılarının birbirlerine ilaç olması çok güzeldi... Ama trahern'in macegan olmadığını anladığımda çok şaşırdım, yazar daha önceki kitaplarda hiç ipucu vermemişti. Sonunda verilen mesaj (bence) güzeldi, aile demek sadece kan demek değildir, acı mutlak değildir, unutulmasa bile taşımak giderek kolay olur
review 2: I love this book. There is so much emotion. Two people who have had some very bad experiences find one another. Trahern MacEgan feels the need to protect Morren O’Reilly and Morren badly needs to learn to trust again after some horrible
... more experiences. As we are first introduced to these lovely individuals they are hanging by a thread to their shattered lives. The two come together and live through an extremely frightening experience. As the days progress both Trahern and Morren are trying hard to find that small thread of hope to keep them going. Neither one wants to loose their future to the atrocious things that have been dealt them. I love that Michelle Wellingham brings a level of maturity to her characters. Maturity that is learned through some of life’s very hard circumstances and does not fall into the same silly cat and mouse act that most authors think they need to tell a love story. Both characters are true to themselves and honest with their feelings as true mature adults. I love that I can’t always predict what will be said or done next. Ms. Wellingham your stories are ALWAYS a pleasure. less
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Amazing hero and heroine! Morren and Trahern suffered so much yet were able to find their HEA.
I loved the way the hero and heroine helped to heal each other from their pain.
Miniseries: The MacEgan Brothers
Sweet story.
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