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The Unwritten, Vol. 8: Orpheus In The Underworld (2014)

by Mike Carey(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 5
1401243010 (ISBN13: 9781401243012)
The Unwritten
review 1: I've been reading The Unwritten in its single issue format from its inception in 2009, but living abroad I've lagged behind by about a year. That said, when I picked back up this time, it was really not an exciting section to find. In these chapters, the story feels as lost as its characters are. Tommy's thread is so chock-full of exposition through dialogue, characters trying to talk their way through the narrative rut they're in, and it was really hard to stay focused. Even Pullman makes an appearance to mock this sort of illogical over-reasoning but then he participates in it too. I'm always happy to see Pauly's line, but Yuko Shimizu's cover was unfortunately better than the story itself. There were still some fun surprises, and interesting reveals, but Mike Carey wrot... moree himself into a corner and forced the story onward very ungracefully. Peter Gross's artwork remains compelling and unique, fitting in with the Vertigo style but still feeling just rich enough to make it stand out as something a bit more fun. I'm suspicious that my expectations for this series has risen after delving deeper into a bunch of Image comics, but that's no excuse for this story to slip. The Fables crossover has been something I've dreaded since hearing about it (and even more after I read the godawful first volume in that series, despite loving The Wolf Among Us the video game), and I'm not really counting on it to help the series at all. Instead, I'm hopeful for the second larger volume, issues 1-12 of the Unwritten Apocalypse, to bring this story to the close it deserves.
review 2: I've been digging on this series for awhile now, and while I was thrown for a bit of a loop with the last volume, this one opened up the story and pulled it in some solid directions.I truly love the ideas about story and their place in society, what it can do, and what becomes real. These ideas are only deepened in this volume.Even better, it's really starting to pull all of the characters together in interesting and unexpected ways. Really, I'm quite enjoying this series.Lastly, the new coloring style introduced in the last volume continues here, and it really makes the artwork much, much better. less
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Another worthy entry in one of my favorite "writers graphic novels."
Loved the shocker at the end! Can't wait to read the next volume!
Again, just an amazing story about the power of stories.
This series only gets better and better.
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