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Rahapeli (2013)

by Mike Cooper(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 1
9525637700 (ISBN13: 9789525637700)
Silas Cade
review 1: Silas Cade, ex-special ops soldier, does high-end security jobs while staying off the grid. In this case, Wall Street traders (unsuccessful risk-taking ones) are being killed, a fact that becomes clear when the tally reaches four. Cade is hired to intercept the killer(s) and remove him (them) on behalf of a big Wall Street type. He has interesting semi-legit friends, several of whom also have lethal or legally borderline skills (documents, weapons, stock market manipulation). He also is strongly attracted to a blogger and news wannabee whose skills place her in jeopardy. Cooper (who wrote another interesting book under the name Michael Wiecek--"Exit Strategy") keeps the action and snappy dialogue at the boiling point, though spotting the mastermind behind the action doesn'... moret take a lot of skill. It was good enough to look at the next book.
review 2: Some one is killing all the least successful investment bankers.Silas Cade ex military is making his living as an accountant helping high end clients in the investment banking area, who need his help to get things done quickly, quietly and under the grid.When a deal goes bad to get there money back. Silas lives on the edge, in secret and uses various identities. But when his client is murdered before paying him and than a women blogger hires him because she feels all these murders are somehow connected.Is Silas really an accountant? Or is that just his cover?There is plenty of action, and dialogue makes for an interesting read.Look forward to reading more books by Mike Cooper less
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A tightly written thriller. Lots of fun! Highly recommend it.
Starts out slow but then, wow.
Good, not great, but good.
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