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Cleopatra In Space #1: Target Practice (2014)

by Mike Maihack(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 5
0545528437 (ISBN13: 9780545528436)
Cleopatra in Space
review 1: Totally loved this. Not always, but most of the time Scholastic's GRAPHIX imprint, brings out great juvenile graphic novels and this was no exception. An exciting and fun tale of the real Queen Cleopatra as a teenager. (pre-Pharaoh-hood) She is zapped into the future as a prophecy to save an Egyptian-like planet from a galactic tyrant. Cleo is a fun, take life-by-the-reigns character and so far outshines her supporting side-kick friends. The book uses the device of starting with the climax at a crucial point, then going back to the beginning to tell the story of how the characters got there and what happens next. I enjoy this device when done right, and here it keeps the action moving along at a quick pace as the reader sees the events unroll which lead up to this exciting... more moment. This volume ends on a final note, having completed the plot presented which I enjoyed as I like series books to be able to stand up on their own. However it ends with the promise of more to come and on the final page Book 2 is advertised for release in Apr of 2015. Great fun!
review 2: As reluctant heir to the throne in ancient Egypt, Cleo prefers exploring. When she stumbles into the future on the distant planet Mayet, a futuristic world ruled by cats and steeped in Egyptian culture, she learns that she is expected to be a hero that saves the universe from the evil Xaius Octavian. Cleo balances school work, friendship and target practice with help from her teacher Khensu. This is the first in a new graphic novel series and should draw plenty of fans. The full color illustrations add action and details (often clever) to the straightforward dialogue. Recommended for purchase for ages 8-12. less
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A fun, quick graphic novel with historical references that takes place in space. Lots of action.
5 stars for adventure, 0 stars for white-washing Cleopatra.
Such a cute book but why can't she be smart AND kick butt?
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