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Baltimore, Vol. 1: The Plague Ships (2011)

by Mike Mignola(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 2
1595826734 (ISBN13: 9781595826732)
Dark Horse
review 1: Really enjoyed reading this graphic novel. It was a little dark, but you really can't beat a story with WWI German vampires in it. I thought Lord Henry Baltimore was an interesting character as well. His story was a little dreary, but his personal war against evil is his redeeming factor. A soldier himself, he's armed with sword, hatchet, rifle, harpoon, knives, pistols, crucifix, and peg leg. Looking forward to reading more.
review 2: Following the great war, a plague drifted across Europe. Sure, some say it was the Spanish flu that killed all those people. They're wrong -- it's a vampire plague that turns people into vampire/zombies who can talk. Lord Baltimore is a lone warrior fighting the zombie hordes, tracking the vampire who started the whole thing i
... moren the Dead Man's land between the trenches. And he's got a peg leg! This first volume lays out the vast, strange reach of the curse, which employs a creepy fungal growth as well as the usual agents for raising the dead. Fortunately, Baltimore seems immune to the contagion. A decent first outing. I look forward to seeing where it goes. less
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Love this vampire series! Looking forward to starting The Curse Bells.
Well illustrated, bland story. It's more gore-fest than horror.
Quality graphic novel from the man behind Hellboy.
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