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Loki (2011)

by Mike Vasich(Favorite Author)
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1456463462 (ISBN13: 9781456463465)
review 1: Loki by Michael Vasich tells the stories of the Norse gods in both a traditional and a contemporary voice, which I really liked. At times, however, the narrative bogged down, with fight scenes that were too long for my taste and descriptive passages that became quite repetitive--really, how many times must we be told what Hel looks like? That the AllFather sees in both the past and present? That Loki has chaos swirling within him? And yet, I pleasantly reminded of a set of books published in the 1930s that belonged to my grandmother, books that sparked my young imagination and my love for these Nordic tales. A nice read, if at times a bit wordy, and a satisfying ending.
review 2: This book tells the story of a god. Loki by Mike Vasich contains a collectio
... moren of myths put together in a unique way to tell you the story of Loki, the Norse god of mischief and trickery. In this book, Loki is forced to single-handedly find a way to deceive and kill one of the wisest frost giants of all. Why is Loki so different from the other Aesir? Will he ever gain the full trust of his fellow gods? Will Loki change his ways before it is to late? I recommend this book for people who enjoy Norse mythology and fantasy. I love this book. less
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There was a little I liked in this novel, but it was surrounded by a ton I really didn't enjoy.
I really enjoyed this book. Extremely well written and thoroughly enjoyable.
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