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Let's Go For A Drive! (2012)

by Mo Willems(Favorite Author)
4.35 of 5 Votes: 3
1423164822 (ISBN13: 9781423164821)
Elephant & Piggie
review 1: This book is about an elephant and a pig. They are best friends and decide to go on a road trip, but they realize they need to get prepared. They plan out their trip and think of the important things they need to bring with them. Once they have everything packed and ready they remember that to go on a drive you need a car, which they don’t have. This is by Mo Willems and is a part of his Piggy and Elephant series. The books illustrations go well with the words and the animal’s facial expressions are great. This book has a good lesson within it. This can teach children to always be prepared in life. I would use this in my classroom. The lesson could be to read the book and then have the students plan out what we might need in order to go on a little trip and have them m... moreake a story about what they need to be successful on a trip.
review 2: I picked up an Elephant and Piggy book to read to my daughter at Barnes and Noble one day and now they are my go to book every time we visit the library. DD loves them! They are simple but very entertaining, even for an adult. The illustrations are cute and the stories usually give me a chuckle. I've yet to read a bad one. "Let's Go for a Drive" was especially cute. These are must have books for all young kids! less
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I like this book because of the fact that even lower readers can read it and find enjoyment in it.
Mo, excellent as always.
Awsome I love it
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