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Rhythm And Bluegrass (2013)

by Molly Harper(Favorite Author)
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1476705933 (ISBN13: 9781476705934)
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review 1: There isn't many of Molly Harper's book that I give 3 stars instead of 4. I felt that this novel had a few lagging points, and dragged through too much of the finer details, which personally I considered extraneous. These points all made the novel a little tedious in spots, especially considering Molly's fine humour wasn't quite up to par slowing this book down.Having said all that, the book remained a steady and pleasant read.
review 2: This is the second 'novella'(about 180 pages) in Harper's Bluegrass series. Bonnie, employee/friend of Sadie in the first book, is VERY passionate about preserving history--basically because she felt her parents were always putting their own spin on things and changing it to suit themselves. Sent to Mud Creek to gather artifa
... morects from a famous music hall in disrepair, Bonnie encounters Will McBride--handyman and mud creek mayor. Will's perception of history particularly of the music hall which his family owned is a bit different--he wants the bad memories he has torn down with the hall and a factory built to bring much-needed jobs to Mud Creek. It of course doesn't stop the spark between to stop flying. I liked this one a bit more than the first, mainly because the characters made me laugh alot. Mud Creek is full of quirky people. Molly Harper makes me chuckle and sometimes snort and this book keep them both coming. A quick and easy read--total chick lit and a fun escape. less
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Another sweet little romance in the Bluegrass series.
A light entertaining romantic romp.
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