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Havoc On A Home Wrecker (2012)

by Mz. Robinson(Favorite Author)
4.55 of 5 Votes: 1
G Street Chronicles
review 1: This story started off really good..I was really indulging in the relationship that was starting between Carlton and Toi...I was thinking Lisa was gonna be crazy...but of course the story had a twist...I was definitely surprised...and turned off...Like, I could not even look at Carlton character as my fav anymore lol...but it was a nice read...could not give it 5 star because i did at times find myself skipping sections to get to the next...
review 2: 3.5 StarsThis was a pretty steady read. The story kept me interested but I wouldn't say it was a page turner. I just disliked a lot of things about these characters. Toi, to be so smart she was just so dumb at times. Every time I thought she came to her senses she just let Carlton right back in. Lisa was a defin
... moreite nutcase, but she kept this story interesting with her shenanigans. Carlton, what can I say, he seemed like a nice enough guy, buy he was a dirty rotten cheater nonetheless. After a while I did see the ending coming. Gabe was just too vindictive and way too involved in Carlton's life. This book was an ok read for me, but probably my least favorite from this author. less
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I be damned!
Great book!
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