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Sneeuwwitje Moet Sterven (2011)

by Nele Neuhaus(Favorite Author)
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9021441403 (ISBN13: 9789021441405)
Bodenstein & Kirchhoff
review 1: While this was an incredible improvement on the last book I read (The Husband's Secret) it still didn't really come up to scratch. I have to make allowances for the fact that it is a translation and that might account for just how much repetition there was (utterly fed up with the word 'abyss' by the end). It's a crime thriller / police procedural story and is complex enough to satisfy the most ardent of crime thriller fans. That's the problem though: too complex. There were far too many characters thrown in at the beginning that it became confusing (I refuse to make notes while I read of operate an Excel spreadsheet). The convolutions became increasingly unlikely as the story progressed but were handled with skill and attention to detail. I do think though that the ending... more was rushed and that there were too many coincidences to swallow. Too many 'just made it in time' scenes. I don't know, I think the writer just wanted to please the reader (not sure there's anything wrong in that) but it became too tidy by the end (in a very messy way). I think it could have been shorter and more compact. There were many main characters, all well drawn, but distracting.
review 2: She did it so well, it was almost too much. The number of characters and the need to tie up their stories had me wishing the book could end a bit sooner. That may be what happens when you read a very complex book in one sitting. I had read the book that was translated after this one first and had mixed feelings. Now I know why. You get a fully detailed mystery plus and intense look into the lives of the detectives. By not realizing that the detectives were already reacting to the previous trauma in their personal lives, I found them overwroght and annoying. Even though I know the detectives in this book have appeared in other non-translated books, I didn't have a bad reaction to them. Advice--at least start with this one before undertaking one of her others. less
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Книгава ме воодушеви!!!Прекрасно!!!
Really great and funny. Easy to read
good thriller
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