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Desperate Times (2010)

by Nicholas Antinozzi(Favorite Author)
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Desperate Times
review 1: This is a fantastic and terrifying read. Driven by very real life imagery that is spot on for current events, Antinozzi has driven a spike right through every American's greatest fears with this book. This all-too-possible survival story is well written and fast paced. I'm not a fan of the ending. Without spoiling it, I'll just say that the last chapter was a little far fetched after such a realistic book, but I would definitely read a sequel. This warning will have you stocking canned goods in your basement and buying as many guns as you can lay claim too. An excellent start for a new writer.
review 2: You'll have an awful time putting this down! While making a very poignant commentary on his fears for the direction our economy is going, Mr. Antinozzi is
... moreable to highlight these concerns with a great story that is both believable and and almost tangible. His story flowed so well I didn't even feel that I'd read over 800 "pages". I love that this story is one I can safely recommend to anyone, from my grandmother, to one of the teenagers in my life, it's a well-told story with a great fast-moving plot. less
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An interesting first novel. Would read the second two if I had not much else to read.
Interesting premise that had possibility but man, the writing was horrible!
Good book of what can very well occur.
good read
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