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Blood Ninja II: The Revenge Of Lord Oda (2010)

by Nick Lake(Favorite Author)
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Blood Ninja
review 1: The Revenge of Lord Oda by Nick Lake This book is about a boy who is a ninja and a vampire named "Taro" who is the chosen one in a prophecies that requires him to kill an evil ruler and become shogun of the world of Japan.In this book, after nearly dying against the battle of the ruler thus killing him, he must find the Buddha ball, a ball said to be from the Buddha and can control nature itself.But, he soon finds a note saying th whereabouts of his mother,he soon voyage to find her.When he gets there, he faces a challenge that would cost the life of his mother and the news that the ruler is still alive and as a vampire.Now, he must find the ball before the evil ruler does and kills everyone that Taro knows . I chose this book because it was the second book of the series "... moreThe Blood Ninja" and since I read the first book and it was good, I chose to read the second book. I read this book not only because it was the second book of its series but it was an interesting and amazing book to read. I would recommend this book to anyone who had read the first book of the series and if not, they should read it.Also,to anyone who likes to read book about ancient Japan or books about ninjas and vampires.
review 2: "Blood Ninja 2" the story starts off after Taro, one of the main character of the story thinks he has killed lord Oda, the man who wanted to kill him an everything he has, but he is wrong he has turned him to a vampire an he wants his revenge. Taro must go to find his mother who was sent into hiding to keep her safe an he helps a samurai who is being haunted get his life back. As the story goes Taro loses loves one an must go on a journey to find the "Buddha Ball"This book would be good for anyone who likes to read a series style book the deals with revenge and lose an also great journeys to fight off the evil forces.This book has Vampire Ninjas, Monks, and Samurai Haunted by ghost this book is for you. less
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Book One is awesome, but this one is not really good
As good as the first, but missing something?
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