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There Will Be Lies (2000)

by Nick Lake(Favorite Author)
3.43 of 5 Votes: 2
1619634406 (ISBN13: 9781619634404)
review 1: With a nod to Neil Gaiman, this magical tale explores the subconscious of a displaced girl who embarks into the world of dreams and symbols to discover her true identity, revealing secrets about her family and her world that are deeply personal yet universal. A captivating adventure steeped in Native American creation mythology, with a protagonist so unique and fresh yet deeply sympathetic. Highly recommended for teens and adult readers. Also reminiscent of Judy Blume's Tiger Eyes.
review 2: This was an interesting mesh of YA contemporary, mystery, and North American fantasy. The mythology and fantasy part was completely unexpected, and I found myself wishing it wasn’t there, so I could concentrate on the contemporary mystery.The mystery portion is all about
... moreShelby, and who she is, and what is going on with her mother. I liked the way this plotline unraveled. There were multiple twists and turns, and was very exciting. I found that I didn’t even try to guess what was coming next because I was too busy enjoying the story.In contrast, the fantasy-based part of the story moved very slowly for the first three quarters of the book. It really picked up once Shelby was most of the way through a journey, but I found it a little too late to really redeem that element.Overall, this was an unexpected mesh of genres, and while it worked overall, I would have preferred this book without the fantasy element (you won’t hear me say that often). The contemporary mystery element was done so well that it didn’t need anything else. less
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Wow. This is a stunner. Pacing is perfect and quite intense.
Review? I'm just going to refer to Wendy Darling on this one.
Lost interest. I just don't think Lake is the author for me.
Great read. Full review to come
Yes! Just so much yes.
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