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The Future Is Japanese: Science Fiction Futures And Brand New Fantasies From And About Japan. (2012)

by Nick Mamatas(Favorite Author)
3.38 of 5 Votes: 2
1421542234 (ISBN13: 9781421542232)
review 1: The concept of this analogy, mixing stories with Japanese themes and stories by Japanese authors, is both a strength and a weakness. The stories avoid the science fictional stereotypes of Japan that have been so common and are generally strong. I was particularly happy with Itoh's "The Indifference Engine", Cadigan's "In Plain Sight" and Kikuchi's "Mountain People, Ocean People". The dual nature of selection principles made the anthology less coherent than if it had focused on either one of the individual criteria.
review 2: This mixed anthology is a bento box of Japanese and Japan-influenced speculative fiction that packages delightful morsels such as Ken Liu's deeply moving, award-winning hard SF story "Mono no Aware" and Rachel Swirsky's ghost story "The Sea
... more of Trees," alongside near-incomprehensible philosophical ramblings and more than a few stories that could have been improved with a stronger editorial presence and the shedding of a few pages. Exotic taste, but not a complete meal. less
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A good series of short stories about the future of Japanese culture.
I am reminded once again that I rarely enjoy sff short stories.
Brilliant. Review forthcoming.
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