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Fear In The Sunlight (2000)

by Nicola Upson(Favorite Author)
3.47 of 5 Votes: 5
0571246281 (ISBN13: 9780571246281)
Josephine Tey
review 1: This series revolves around the characters of mystery writer Josephine Tey and her friend Scotland Yard Chief Inspector Archie Penrose, who serves as the model for Tey’s fictional detective, Alan Grant. They are celebrating her fortieth birthday in 1936 in the Welsh village of Portmeirion. Also at the village are Alfred Hitchcock and his entourage, just as the director is contemplating a move from England to Hollywood. When one of the film stars is murdered, the local police close the case with a convenient suicide. The story revolves around Josephine’s frustrated sexual life rather than a murder investigation. It is only years later after she has died of cancer that Penrose follows the story to find out the truth. All in all a rather disappointing entry in the s... moreeries with a quite off-putting but plausible characterization of Hitchcock.
review 2: I was several chapters into this book before it dawned on me that I was reading well into a series (a readerly pet peeve of mine). However, I was so drawn into the mystery and invested in the characters, I continued with finishing the book. Despite my abrupt introduction to the series, the plot and character development kept me interested, and only occasionally was I genuinely lost, specifically when the ongoing drama between reoccurring characters were concerned. I'm not certain I would buy the first books, but I will definitely put them on my to-read list from the library. less
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This is very gorey and more graphic than I prefer. Good basic story but sometimes confusing plot.
Clearly I read #4 before 1-3 so there was a little background I missed, but overall entertaining.
Not her best and ultimately unsatisfying although I can't put my finger on why.
Very atmospheric. Portmerion, Hitchcock and a resonable plot
Boring boring BORING.
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