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Weekend à Portmeirion (2013)

by Nicola Upson(Favorite Author)
3.48 of 5 Votes: 1
226406062X (ISBN13: 9782264060624)
Josephine Tey
review 1: I'm waffling between 2 and 3 stars... I skimmed much of the novel as I was not interested in the "history of Hitchcock and early cinema" stuff. I felt as tho the author's research was much too obvious, as opposed to organic to the story. I didn't find myself caring a lot about many of the characters, either. There would be occasional gripping sections and then I'd lose interest again. If I didn't already own the next book in the series, I would probably have bailed out along the way. However, the final chapters were excellent. So, it's on to the next book. Fingers crossed!
review 2: J'ai follement aimé l'ambiance de cette histoire, qui se déroule en pleine chaleur caniculaire, dans un complexe hôtelier au bord de la mer. Le couple Hitchcock a invité quelque
... mores privilégiés dans le cadre du travail, mais bien évidemment l'ambiance tourne à l'aigreur et les vieilles histoires remontent à la surface pour faire enfler la jalousie et la haine. L'intrigue policière est seulement présente dans la 2ème moitié du roman, mais finalement on ne boude pas son plaisir non plus, car c'est chic, fascinant et absolument divin ! less
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Wavering between 3 and 4 stars. Brilliant narration of an unusually structured novel.
liked the setting, interesting characterization of J. Tey
But then I really love the series.
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