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Wingshooters (2011)

by Nina Revoyr(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 4
1936070715 (ISBN13: 9781936070718)
Akashic Books
review 1: Good coming-of-age story. Set in a small town in Wisconsin during the 70's, Michelle (Mike to her grandfather) is a half Japanese girl who finds herself relocated to her grandparents when both parents essentially abandon her there to pursue their own interests. Michelle endures bigotry from many of the townspeople. When a black couple relocates to this town, the racial tensions intensify. One of the worst of the bigots is Michelle's grandfathers best friend. This sets in motion a chain of events that would be difficult for any adult to handle, much less an 11-year old. Nina Revoyr does a great job of getting the feel of life in a small town in that era and its resistance to a rapidly-changing world.
review 2: Initially it's set up in a way where other novels ha
... moreve been set already, in a small 'redneck' town that is highly sensitive to anything outside of their town. Especially when race becomes involved, this book is obvious and still heart breaking. I might think it in part because of the point of view we're allowed to see from, this 9-year old girl's thoughts and questions. What perked my interest from the beginning was the narrator being a half Japanese, half 'white' American girl who's parents both seem to never have taken into full consideration the gravity of what they bore together. The absolutely stunning and at the same time ridiculous relationship between this child and her grandfather, who's marked as one of the most resolute and upstanding men in the town is beautiful and challenging.Call me a softy, but this book pulled on so many heart strings. Stemming from family, friends, race, morality, and innocence, this novel pegs different emotions that are complexly interwoven as Revoyr tries to leave as a semi-resolution that remains open-ended in her epilogue. less
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Good moral story and really good towards the end, but I was a bit bored throughout most of it.
Coming of age story based in a small Northern Wisconsin town. Quick, easy read.
well written tragic story of fear of the other. hard to read in some parts.
The writing style is a bit hokey but the story is powerful.
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