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Fade Out (2012)

by Nova Ren Suma(Favorite Author)
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Simon Pulse
review 1: I was fairly impressed with how well Nova Ren Suma captured the voice of the teenager girl in this. I really started to identify with her, even when she was being a brat, because I understood what was going on in her head so well. I got really frustrated with the other characters though, because I really wished that someone would sit down and ASK the poor kid what was wrong, instead of assuming and acting like they MUST know, because they were older/"grown up"/in charge.
review 2: The first time I heard a synopsis of this book at ILA, I simultaneously thought why haven't I read this book, and why didn't I write this book? Dani Noir is a true-to-life thiteen-year-old heroine, who acts like she's really thirteen: she can be selfish and oblivious, and she lets rec
... moreent events involving her soon-to-be-divorced parents dictate her worldview. She also loves the old movies she watches at her town's Little Art Theater so much and has such an overactive imagination that she turns her own life into a noir movie, where she becomes too personally invested in a noir mystery to solve that involves a friend's boyfriend, with some unexpected real-life consequences. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this and would recommend it as an excellent middle-grade novel. less
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Would teens know what film noir is?
this book was cute omg
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