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Imaginary Girls (2011)

by Nova Ren Suma(Favorite Author)
3.38 of 5 Votes: 4
0525423389 (ISBN13: 9780525423386)
Dutton Juvenile
review 1: this book wasn't horrible because you got mad and the author killed any characters not anything like that. although I would've loved to see so!e characters die. this book was so boring and so dull and the characters were dumb, and too fake. too fake to believe. like really? people just happen to know that you sent out some balloons? the only part that actually helped the story along was the last 25 pages. DO NOT RECOMMEND
review 2: The writing in this story is easy to read and light. It used many different kinds of words not often used in other stories. It had lots of descriptions of everything and I highly recommend this book. It keeps you constantly tied into the book. It is very entertaining and is always keeping you on the edge of your seat. It's mysterious
... more and eerie and it makes you question reality. It is very unique and one of its kind. I loved every second of it and wish it could have been longer and even more in depth if that we're possible. less
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Left with too many questions. I like the concept but need MORE.
Good topic, but it's slow and boring...
Gave me the chills. I love it.
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