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At Least My Belly Hides My Cankles: Mostly-True Tales Of An Impending Miracle (2013)

by Paige Kellerman(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 4
Split Level Press
review 1: I found Paige's blog and after reading only a couple of posts, bought her book. It's funny, that' s for sure, but sometimes it was a bit too funny, a bit too contrived, like she was trying too hard. But I could feel that way because I read it all at once. If you're looking for a feel good, no brain power necessary read, this would be a good choice. You don't even have to be particularly interested in pregnancy or motherhood, I believe, to enjoy this one.
review 2: i legitimately feel bad giving this book only one star. but this is the kind of book that my shelf "incomprehensibly terrible" was made for. i read a sample (most of the first chapter) before i committed & thought i knew what i was getting into: a memoir of pregnancy told with a very irreverent & self
... more-deprecating sense of humor. sounds great! just the sort of thing i love! but as things wore on, it just got worse & worse.i don't know what happened. i think the author just took things too far. it was one of those situations where someone tells a joke & you're like, "eh, could be funnier," & then the joke gets punched up & you're like, "now you're talking," & then the joke-teller is like, "if they like a little juice, they'll like a LOT," & you're filled with regret for ever laughing at a joke in your life. as i get older, i am less attracted to hyperbole in writing. a little goes a long way. this book is nothing BUT hyperbole. she jokes about how her ankles became so swollen with pregnancy that they were knocking things over (including people) of their own accord. she jokes about how she went to a prenatal & demanded to know how exactly her babies would be born, as there didn't seem to be a trapdoor from which they would be released. there's just a lot of this sort of thing that would have been so much funnier if it had been dialed way, way back.i've been pregnant. i know first-hand that a lot of stuff about pregnancy can be pretty funny. it's an absurd experience. but i wish she had mixed the jokes with more of a story & not tried so hard to make every line of the book a punchline. i actually had a difficult time finishing the book (though i did stick it out to the end). i feel like i complain a lot when i read the "funny essay/memoir" genre of books that the author tries too hard to make the reader laugh. but this author seriously takes it to a whole new level. it was almost unbearable. less
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This book was fun. I haven't laugh this much in a long time. I won this book on Goodreads. Thank you
I didn't find this book quite as funny as Paige Kellerman's blog - but still a good quick read!
A great summer read! It is well written and very funny!
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