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The Virgins (2013)

by Pamela Erens(Favorite Author)
3.55 of 5 Votes: 5
1935639625 (ISBN13: 9781935639626)
Tin House Books
review 1: How can I begin to say how I LOVE THIS BOOK: Masterfully written, lush searing prose, a brilliant study in structure and point of view, this is not another boarding school tale but something else- far more urgent, complex, universal. The book is so taut it does not carry a single word of fat, making it impossible to put down, the tension propelling the story to the final stirring page- and leaving the reader with so much to think about long after. An essential, extraordinary novel.
review 2: I've been trying to figure out how to compare this to The Virgin Suicides (which changed my LIFE when I read it at 16 or so) without being insulting--because this book doesn't need a "this book is like" comparison to stand on its own. Uh, that said, the dreaminess and visce
... moreral writing and even perspective (idealized teenage girl as seen through the eyes of obsessed teenage boy) rang the same notes inside me. Lovely, lovely book. I love a boarding school novel, and this is such an excellent one. I devoured it in a day while lying in the sun, which is probably about as perfect as a day can get. less
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recommended in New Yorker Best of 2013, part 2
Beautifully written tragic story.
A good boarding school story.
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