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Zombie Baseball Beatdown (2013)

by Paolo Bacigalupi(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 1
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
review 1: This is, as you can see from the cover, not a deep serious book. It's about three teens who find out that their local meat packing plant has created a zombie viral element, and is ignoring all logic (and laws) and using those tainted cows anyway for human consumption. This is a fun book, it works logically, and actually highlights the plight of illegal immigrants (as the first whistle blowers to the problems were all deported). If you want a fun, quick zombie read...this is one for you!
review 2: This is not one of the genres I normally reach for, but I am a fan of Paolo Bacigalupi, so I was intrigued by his choice of subject. Plus, this is written for a younger (middle school) audience than his previous books, which are teen or adult. This book was very e
... morentertaining, and as many other reviews has said, has more depth to it than covering the title subject: it also touches on friendship, loyalty, corporate disregard for people/environment in favor of the bottom line, illegal immigrants... and, of course, zombies and baseball. It was very well read in the audio version by Sunil Malhotra, (who was also fantastic as the reader of Cutting for Stone). I don't think I would've read "Gaarrghghg" and "Brrraaainsss" with the same feeling he put into it. less
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Review by A.T.: "I liked when Joe named the zombie cow head Bart the zombie cow."
I thought this was delightful!
Funny funny funny....
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