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Une Nuit, Sur La Mer (2011)

by Patricia MacDonald(Favorite Author)
3.61 of 5 Votes: 3
2226218769 (ISBN13: 9782226218766)
Albin Michel
review 1: A terrific whodunit! A mother's search for the truth in the disappearance of her daughter while on a cruise. Shelby Sloan gave her daughter and son in law a cruise vacation as a gift while she babysits her 4 year old grandson. Her son in law calls her to say that her daughter is missing and is feared overboard. After much searching, her body is not found. While trying to cope with her loss and help take her of her grandson, Shelby decides to probe deeper into the case and discovers a secret that her daughter had hidden. I highly recommend this to mystery booklovers!!
review 2: Shelby Sloan is a mother and a grandmother. She pays for her daughter and son-in-law to go on a cruise, only to get the worse possible news - her daughter, Chloe, has disappeared, and ap
... morepears to have fallen overboard and drowned. Shelby can't believe Chloe would commit suicide, but there are things about her daughter she didn't know - that Chloe suffered from alcoholism, and hid it completely from Shelby, due to Shelby's estranged relationship with her own alcoholic mother. The story is further complicated when Ron, Chloe's husband, is involved in a horrible accident. Were both he and Chloe targets for someone's rage? And if so, whose? And why? An interesting story about families and their own particular hell, added on to the absolute horror of losing a child, and possibly your own mortality, as well. If you like cozies with a dark background, this would be a book for you. less
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Good book...kept my interest to the end...easy read.
first time reading this author.I really enjoyedit
I read this in ONE sitting!
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