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R My Name Is Rachel (2011)

by Patricia Reilly Giff(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 5
0375838899 (ISBN13: 9780375838897)
Wendy Lamb Books
review 1: Gr 3-5; BL: 3.7Historical fiction. Set in 1932 in the throes of the depression a family of three kids moves from the city out to the country to save money on rent. Rachel is the eldest and the story is told from her viewpoint. The father goes off in search of work with CCC; leaving the three kids to fend for themselves on the farm they just moved to. The three kids have different strengths and they work on getting along and making do while on their own. Of course there is a crisis but in the end all turns out well and the dad comes home. Recommend
review 2: It is the Great Depression and lots of people are out of work, including Pop who has lost his job at the bank. He decides to move his three kids to the country in the hopes that there will be another job a
... morevailable. So Pop, Rachel, Joey and Cassie leave the city and Miss Mitzi and move to a farm in the middle of nowhere. But times are hard in the country too; the school and library are closed and there are no jobs for Pop. So he leaves the kids to take a job building a road far away. Rachel, Joey and Cassie have to learn to cope by themselves. This was a great story. Giff does a wonderful job conveying the hopelessness and despair people felt during the Depression and the resourcefulness. The kids all have unique voices and personalities and do a remarkable job of surviving on their own. Yes, everything ends happily and maybe a little too perfectly, but it doesn't diminish the struggle to get to that happy ending. less
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Such a great children's author, and a good historical fiction survival story for middle grades.
This would be a good book to pair with May B.
I loved this book it was so good.
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