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The Templar Conspiracy (2011)

by Paul Christopher(Favorite Author)
3.59 of 5 Votes: 3
0451231902 (ISBN13: 9780451231901)
review 1: This barely received that second star... Why the two stars? It is what it is... an action Dan Brownish-Tom Clancy thing. The villain knows everything - and is pretty dumb in my opinion, could have had the heroes offed on multiple occasions. Names.... why are the names of the heroes and some of the villains in these style books like 'Dirk', Lance, Strongarm, etc. - last name of the hero in this one is Holliday - so they call him Doc Holliday? Hmmm... is he a doctor? No. Does he like westerns or have any affiliation with.... no. Just because it's cool sounding apparently. And he has a lot of combat / special forces / intelligence agencies experience. His niece who goes all over the world in this novel with him also has a pretty particular/fine pedigree - and both hav... moree a lot of wealth behind them it would seem. Point is... she actually says at one time, "So why is all this happening to us? Two normal people..." eh eh eh eh eh eh.... you kidding me? I ALMOST set the book down at that point, despite being almost done with it. The plots are so outlandish at some points that I kept reading for humor's sake - these are scattered amongst paragraphs of useless background on other characters and settings that serve no purpose to the main or the sub plots. Oh and the ending? Terrible...so far from being possible that I'm even now wondering if I should take away that second star...
review 2: This is a normal chase novel. People who haven't read the first three will feel like there is no character development. They'll also complain that there really is not a lot dealing with the original Knights Templar. For them: READ THE FIRST BOOK. This series deals with the inheritance of the Templars. This book in particular pushes the characters to the limits and continues to develop more of the secret societies in the world that are vying for the relics left by the Templars. less
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good read, first time reading this author and was very impressed.
Better than the rest!
I really enjoyed it
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