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Massacre Pond (2013)

by Paul Doiron(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 3
1250033934 (ISBN13: 9781250033932)
Minotaur Books
Mike Bowditch
review 1: This my first read in this series with Maine warden Mike Bowditch. The wardens appear to be a strange mix of wildlife warden and country policeman that don't have an equivalent in the UK making it difficult to relate to. I found it pleasantly refreshing for the hero / central character to be the lowest rank warden and not the sheriff or lieutenant. The storyline is is triggered by a wildlife massacre however this leads to other crimes to be investigated. Dealing with his own personal issues Bowditch has also to contend with being sidelined on the investigation of the crime he discovered. Not a bad book however not a riveting read either.
review 2: This was an interesting eco-conscious crime novel inspired by a true crime. The main character has a side story th
... moreat shows him as a well rounded character. One aspect of the story that I found particularly refreshing was a side character who was gay. This character is not integral to the story, and the fact that they are gay really isn't significant in and of itself. However, it was nice to see a character recognized as a whole person, and how the main character relates to them as such. less
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Excellent. The author and his main character continue to mature. Loved it.
Very good considering I am NOT into hunting. enough said
A little slow at times, but allover very good
This is such a great series!
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