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Kings Of Morning (2012)

by Paul Kearney(Favorite Author)
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1907519386 (ISBN13: 9781907519383)
Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group
The Macht
review 1: If you are reading this you already read two parts of the series so you know what you are getting yourself into ---> A BLOOD BATH. Since the first part was like Rambo movie people dying all over the place things change and the writer turn from brushing along the character into diving a little deeper into them. You'll start cheering for some and wish death fall upon others ,some back stories and secondary people in the background it's a very good series. there are so many glorious moment along the way but disappointingly the ending is not one of them, I don't know why I felt the writer came short in the end I kept flipping throw the pages expecting more ,I'm familiar with an open end that leaves some for the reader imagination but I felt the characters didn't ripe and the... more guy who gave me this " Rictus shouldered Philemos out of the way, charging into the fight like a scarlet avatar of wrath " and gave me this " The blade of the drepana silenced him, sliding easily into his mouth, chopping through his tongue and opening his cheeks, a last, wide smile. Sertorius gargled, choking on his own blood " didn't live up to the climax I hoped for. But all and all it's still a wonderful series those who love war and fantasy battles and violence you can't go wrong with it.
review 2: Kearnley has written a massively detailed piece which reads more like a documentation of forgotten history than a historical fiction novel, throughout it seems very cold and somehow factual, the invasion is an incredible work of description regarding soldiering, confrontation, tactics and results but it is as said a very cold read, I did not feel in any way invested in what was going on whatsoever. This is the third in a trilogy so there is a lot of back story that I do not have which could have very easily changed how much I enjoyed this novel. I did enjoy it in the way that I enjoyed some text books back in history lessons but as a fantasy tale there was to me a lot missing. On the sheer strength of Kearnley’s writing ability on display I will be certain to check out this ones predecessors and as a stand alone it is readable but for my taste it just didn’t hit the mark on it’s own. less
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Kearney finishes his Macht Trilogy in style as expected. A great book
This series continues to impress me. Some great reading!
amazing again
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