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Astounding, The Amazing, And The Unknown, The: A Novel (2012)

by Paul Malmont(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 5
1455825387 (ISBN13: 9781455825387)
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review 1: This is an interesting book build on an even more interesting premise. The book involves a number of science fiction writers (L Ron Hubbard, Robert Heinlein, and Isaac Asimov included) who are engaged in research to defeat the Nazis by coming up with incredible ideas. They are housed in the Philadelphia Naval Yard. Thomas Edison (dead) and Nikola Tesla (died during story) are part of the plot.It has an interesting and complex story line. The book would probably be of more interest for the science fiction fan who might better enjoy the development of the characters of the famous authors. Interesting ending.
review 2: It's enjoyable to a point. Reading about so many famous fantasy/sci fi authors and scientists trying to save the world from the Nazi threat was en
... moretertaining, and I'm not surprised that the introduction of L. Ron Hubbard into the story made things get weird. But I think thing started falling apart about page 300 with this satanic ritual thing. When he first mentioned the character's "lance", I thought,ok, what do I know, maybe there's some kind of ritualistic armament involved, after all there's a dagger. Oh, no. Not that type of lance. It might have been easily overlooked had he found other metaphors, but no. Lance, lance, lance. Maybe it's an homage to the racier pulps - whatever. Invest in an an x-rated thesaurus, I beg you. Things continued downhill from there, to the point of silliness. It wasn't awful, but I wouldn't recommend it. less
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As a sci-fi fan, this was an imaginative adventure through recent world history.
totally crazy, but absolutely maybe possibly accurate. Or not
Total romp. Hubbard is an appropriate nutjob.
Fun read!
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