Sunday: 4 x 20′ / 3′

This session was really easy.  Focused on technique.  HR stayed low.

Workout Summary - media/20180114-2005330o.csv --|Total|-Total-|--Avg--|-Avg-|Avg-|-Avg-|-Max-|-Avg --|Dist-|-Time--|-Pace--|-Pwr-|SPM-|-HR--|-HR--|-DPS --|20247|92:00.0|02:16.3|176.3|17.8|133.5|141.0|12.4 W-|19353|80:00.0|02:04.0|183.4|17.8|134.3|141.0|13.6 R-|00898|12:00.0|06:40.8|057.2|15.1|124.5|141.0|03.2 Workout Details #-|SDist|-Split-|-SPace-|-Pwr-|SPM-|AvgHR|MaxHR|DPS- 00|04829|20:00.0|02:04.2|181.5|17.7|132.4|140.0|13.7 01|04825|20:00.0|02:04.3|182.5|17.7|135.6|141.0|13.7 02|04821|20:00.0|02:04.5|181.4|17.8|134.3|139.0|13.5 03|04878|20:00.0|02:03.0|188.2|17.9|135.1|141.0|13.6

Tomorrow:  Rest Day

Earlier in the day today, I noticed the pack ice moving slowly past our house as the tide was going out.  I took a time lapse video of about 10 minutes of it.

Later after the tide went out, there were ice bergs stranded all over the sand bank.  Some of them were huge!  Well over 6 feet thick.  Can you find me in the picture?

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