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Battling Boy (2013)

by Paul Pope(Favorite Author)
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1596431458 (ISBN13: 9781596431454)
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Battling Boy
review 1: Age recommendation: 9+Battling Boy was one of my favorite graphic novels of the last few years. It is the start of an ongoing series, and what a great start it is. Author/artist Paul Pope is most well known for several fairly adult series in the past, and his distinctive European/Japanese fusion art style. His switch to children's/YA fiction is welcome and surprisingly effective. Young Battling boy, the son of a Thor analogue, has come of age and needs to prove his worth. He is sent to the city of Arcopolis, set on a fantasy Earth, that is being overrun with monsters. Armed with only his wits, and some magical t-shirts, he needs to figure out how to save the day.
review 2: Haggard West, Acropolis's last great hero, just died. He leaves behind a city vulnerable
... moreto an onslaught from the monsters that have been invading for the last few years. The universe's greatest hero sends his son to prove his metal in this volatile city. Colorful gritty illustrations that still reveal themselves as a 1:02 book add to the appeal. The main character experiences a lot of self-doubt throughout his quest to prove himself to his father. He soon finds out that the people of Acropolis want him to prove himself to them, as well. less
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Not a big fan of the art style and the magic t-shirts just felt a little trite.
good enough.. will probs continue
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