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Consumed By Love - A Short Story (2013)

by Pavarti K. Tyler(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 2
Evolved Publishing LLC
review 1: To consume, such a glutinous statement. We hear it all the time, "Oh I am so full, I think I consumed enough for two people!" or that ever oh so dramatic thing that many of us are guilty of letting out, "I am consumed with rage or hate, with remorse or with love. We consume and are consumed every day with emotions, struggling each day and choosing to react or respond to these desires. For most of us, we keep a tap on the hedonistic pleasure of our consumption, whether it be bacon, chocolate or a second pumpkin spice caramel macchiato or not calling for the fifth time that afternoon just to say I love you. However, most of us do not have a power that spans beyond regular impulse, a power embedded and written into our genes that does not allow us to stop and those that do (... moreraising and eyebrow) we have partners, family and friends that pull us back from the brink and set our bottle of darkness behind the dusty record player and bathe us in healthy things to do and to consume which eat up those unrealistic urges and needs.This is a tale about being consumed by love. Between the two people who are the center of the story, each are consumed and are consuming each other in one form or another. It is a codependency of epic proportions. As dark and horrific as it is at base level, Pavarti K. Tyler has shown her talent to weave with words the passion so many of us feel for our true loves in such a startling and densely dark tale. Their love proves the age old belief of love can conquer anything, no matter what others may argue or say. Even if it is learning to truly conquer something, you must allow it to consume you. In a realistic world this could and usually is true. I am a believer of stripping everything down to a base level to start building things back up, and when it comes to relationships, and illness of the body, mind, soul or as is with this couple, all of the above. You have a fair to chance. Does this couple make it? Are their choices healthy or is there something more between the lines of this horrifying and beautiful tale? You will have to determine that on your own. You will have to go and grab it for a dark and dreary, preferably with your wooby and a jigger of whiskey added to your tea. Personally, I found them quite successful in their endeavor.Recommended for those that like their horror dark, like their erotica off kilter and darker and have the brains to read between the lines.
review 2: The words flow beautifully past the carnage of their desire. I felt a pang of sorrow for not only Bree and even Hugo, as I realized the damning affect of their love. Is it possible to be truly consumed by love, not in the sense of losing one’s outer body, but one’s inner self? I think it is quite possible to be blinded by the need to please someone and sustain them to a point where the giver is lost in that simple act of salvation.This is a graphic tale by its nature, but the underlying message is rich. Ms. Devi’s ability to paint a vivid portrait with her words is remarkable. less
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Pavarti is on of my good online friends and I love her work. I am so proud of her accomplishments!
Um...wow. Definitely not my thing. Cannibalism has no place for me in a romance. Period.
I was repulsed, intrigued, and turned on simultaneously. I was left wanting more.
Odd, weird, but OK...
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