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Talking About Detective Fiction (2009)

by P.D. James(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 2
0307592820 (ISBN13: 9780307592828)
review 1: Loved the precise manner of diction of the British Detective story. In a few short chapters you revel in all the detectives you have come to know and love, the authors, both male and female who wrote with distinction and advanced the stories and the genre. PD James, herself a master of the story delves in plots and characters and makes the genre stand on its own merits while predicting a bright future as the world changes around it.
review 2: I'm not sure what audience this book was pitched to - but I wasn't it. This is no slur on the work or the writer: I have an academic interest in detective fiction and a readerly interest in P.D. James' novels, and I was hoping for either deeper personal reflections on her life and writing, or a critical analysis of detecti
... moreve fiction as it relates to her work, in the style of A. S. Byatt, whose non-fiction critical work provides the other half of her thought. This was more of a gentle meander through the genealogy of detective fiction, with none of the depth and footnotes other works have provided on the same subject, and insufficient reflection on her own writerly practice to raise it to a personal exposition of her work rather than a general, and alas fairly shallow, review of the genre's history. less
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A very interesting look at mystery and detective fiction through the eyes of P. D. James.
A prominent mystery writer's take on mysteries. She really doesn't like Agatha Christie.
Got some good ideas regarding detective fiction books to try.
A little helpful for the work I'm doing.
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